Norfolk County Golf Union

Forthcoming Men's Fixtures
Fixture Date Event Venue
19/03/2017Clymer BowlGt Yarmouth & Caister
01/04/2017Order of MeritCostessey Park
08/04/2017County FoursomesHunstanton
09/04/2017County FoursomesHunstanton
23/04/2017Myhill & Cullington - 1st Roundto be drawn
26/04/2017Barnard Trophy - 1st round
30/04/2017Order of MeritThetford
07/05/2017County 1st Team v NorthamptonshireKing's Lynn
07/05/2017 Northamptonshire v County 2nd Team Kingsthorpe
19/05/2017Eastern Counties - FoursomesSeacroft
20/05/2017Eastern Counties - FoursomesSeacroft
21/05/2017Eastern Counties - FoursomesSeacroft
25/05/2017Brabazon TrophyWoodhall Spa - Hotchkin Course
26/05/2017Brabazon TrophyWoodhall Spa - Hotchkin Course
27/05/2017Brabazon TrophyWoodhall Spa - Hotchkin Course
28/05/2017Brabazon TrophyWoodhall Spa - Hotchkin Course
28/05/2017Coronation SalversSprowston Manor
03/06/2017Scratch Knock-Out - 1st round
04/06/2017Suffolk v County 2nd TeamWoodbridge
04/06/2017County 1st Team v SuffolkSheringham
07/06/2017Barnard Trophy - 2nd round
10/06/2017County Amateur ChampionshipsRoyal West Norfolk
11/06/2017County Amateur ChampionshipsRoyal West Norfolk
17/06/2017Order of MeritSprowston Manor
18/06/2017Myhill & Cullington - 2nd Roundto be drawn
24/06/2017County Handicap ChampionshipsKing's Lynn
02/07/2017Leics & Rutland v County 1st TeamThe Luffenham Heath
02/07/2017County 2nd Team v Leics & RutlandEaton
05/07/2017Barnard Trophy - 3rd round
07/07/2017SEG Mens QualifierSheringham
08/07/2017SEG Mens QualifierSheringham
09/07/2017Caister CandelabraGt Yarmouth & Caister
12/07/2017SEG Boys QualifierWoodbridge
13/07/2017Southern Counties Seniors FoursomesAldeburgh - Suffolk
13/07/2017SEG Boys QualifierWoodbridge
16/07/2017Order of MeritRoyal Norwich
18/07/2017SEG Seniors QualifierFulwell, Middx
19/07/2017SEG Seniors QualifierFulwell, Middx
22/07/2017Scratch Knock-Out - 2nd round
23/07/2017Myhill & Cullington - 3rd Round
26/07/2017Alan Hobson TrophySandford Springs - Hampshire
26/07/2017County Boys ChampionshipsCostessey Park
27/07/2017Alan Hobson TrophySandford Springs - Hampshire
30/07/2017Order of MeritKing's Lynn
02/08/2017Barnard Trophy - semi-finals
06/08/2017County 1st Team v LinclonshireRoyal Cromer
06/08/2017Lincolnshire v County 2nd TeamBoston
10/08/2017County Seniors ChampionshipsRoyal Cromer
12/08/2017Scratch Knock-Out - 3rd round
13/08/2017Order of MeritEaton
16/08/2017SEG Junior FoursomesHam Manor - Sussex
17/08/2017SEG Junior FoursomesHam Manor - Sussex
20/08/2017Myhill & Cullington - semi-finalsto be drawn
27/08/2017Order of MeritMiddleton Hall
27/08/2017NCGU & Royal Cromer GC - Co-hosted competitionRoyal Cromer
30/08/2017Barnard Trophy - finalto be announced
31/08/2017Norfolk Open & Professional ChampionshipsThetford
03/09/2017County 2nd Team v CambridgeshireSwaffham
03/09/2017Cambridgeshire v County 1st TeamBrampton Park
10/09/2017NCGU Centenary Team Trophy (Roger Trower Armada Dish)Eaton
17/09/2017Myhill & Cullington - finalsto be announced
24/09/2017Scratch Knock-Out - semi-finals & Final
14/10/2017County Match Play Championshipstbc
15/10/2017County Match Play Championshipstbc
07/04/2018County FoursomesSheringham
08/04/2018County FoursomesSheringham
15/04/2018Order of MeritCostessey Park
22/04/2018Myhill & Cullington - 1st Roundtbc
25/04/2018Barnard Trophy - 1st Roundtbc
29/04/2018Order of MeritThetford
13/05/2018Anglian League -Cambridgeshire v 2nd Teamaway - tbc
13/05/2018Anglian League - 1st Team v CambridgeshireKing's Lynn
13/05/2018Coronation SalversWensum Valley
02/06/2018Scratch League - 1st Roundtbc
03/06/2018Anglian League - Northamptonshire v 1st TeamAway - tbc
03/06/2018Anglian League - 2nd Team v NorthamptonshireEaton
03/06/2018Order of MeritRoyal Norwich
06/06/2018Barnard Trophy - 2nd Roundtbc
09/06/2018County Amateur ChampionshipsRoyal Norwich
10/06/2018County Amateur ChampionshipsRoyal Norwich
17/06/2018Myhill & Cullington - 2nd Roundtbc
23/06/2018County Handicap ChampionshipsGt Yarmouth & Caister
01/07/2018Anglian League - 2nd Team v SuffolkCaldecott Hall
01/07/2018Anglian League - Suffolk v 1st TeamHintlesham
04/07/2018Barnard Trophy - 3rd Roundtbc
15/07/2018Order of MeritSwaffham
21/07/2018Scratch League - 2nd Round
22/07/2018Myhill & Cullington - 3rd Roundtbc
26/07/2018County Boys ChapionshipsSwaffham
29/07/2018Order of MeritKing's Lynn
01/08/2018Barnard Trophy - Semi-Finalstbc
05/08/2018Anglian League - 1st Team v Leics & RutlandRoyal Cromer
05/08/2018Anglian League - Leics & Rutland v 2nd Teamaway - tbc
09/08/2018County Seniors ChampionshipsBawburgh
11/08/2018Scratch League - 3rd Roundtbc
12/08/2018Order of MeritEaton
19/08/2018Myhill & Cullington - Semi-finalstbc
29/08/2018Barnard Trophy - Finaltbc
30/08/2018County Open & Professional Championshipstbc
02/09/2018Anglian League - 2nd Team v LincolnshireRoyal West Norfolk
02/09/2018Anglian League - Lincolnshire v 1st TeamAway - tbc
09/09/2018County Centenary Trophy (Roger Trower Armada Dish)Thetford
14/09/2018EG County Champion of Champions - Seniors - PracticeWoodhall Spa
14/09/2018EG County Champion of Champions - Boys - PracticeWoodhall Spa
15/09/2018EG County Champion of Champions - Boys - Rnds 1 & 2Woodhall Spa
15/09/2018EG County Champion of Champions - Seniors - Rnd 1Woodhall Spa
15/09/2018EG County Champion of Champions - Men - PracticeWoodhall Spa
15/09/2018Order of MeritMiddleton Hall
16/09/2018EG County Champion of Champions - Men - Rnd 1 & 2Woodhall Spa
16/09/2018EG County Champion of Champions - Seniors - Rnd 2Woodhall Spa
16/09/2018Myhill & Cullington - Finaltbc
30/09/2018Scratch League - Semi-Finals & Finaltbc
30/09/2018Handicap League Semi- Finals and FinalTbc
13/10/2018County Match-Play Championshipstbc
14/10/2018County Match-Play Championshipstbc
13/09/2019EG County Champion of Champions - Boys - PracticeFrilford Heath (Red)
13/09/2019EG County Champion of Champions - Seniors - PracticeFrilford Heath (Red)
14/09/2019EG County Champion of Champions - Men - PracticeFrilford Heath (Red)
14/09/2019EG County Champion of Champions - Seniors - Rnd 1Frilford Heath (Red)
14/09/2019EG County Champion of Champions - Boys - Rnds 1 & 2Frilford Heath (Red)
15/09/2019EG County Champion of Champions - Seniors - Rnd 2Frilford Heath (Red)
15/09/2019EG County Champion of Champions - Men - Rnd 1 & 2Frilford Heath (Red)
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