2021King's LynnG Evans
2020Royal NorwichA Marshall & N Cains Tied
2019SheringhamJ Yule
2018HunstantonA Marshall
2017ThetfordJ Yule*
2016SheringhamI Ellis
2015Royal NorwichT Clements
2014Great Yarmouth & CaisterJ Yule*
2013Barnham BroomL Johnson*
2012Royal West NorfolkI Ellis
2011Royal CromerT Clements*
2010EatonI Hardy*
2009Costessey ParkI Ellis
2008Sprowston ManorS Ballinghall*
2007Weston ParkN Lythgoe
2006BawburghS Ballinghall*
2005The NorfolkN Lythgoe
2004SheringhamT Varney
2003Royal NorwichT Varney
2002ThetfordT Varney
2001HunstantonD Henderson*
2000King's LynnM Jubb
1999Great Yarmouth & CaisterP R Little*
1998Barnham BroomR Wilson
1997Royal West NorfolkN Lythgoe
1996EatonM Barrett*
1995Royal CromerM Barrett*
1994SheringhamJ Hill
1993Royal CromerA Collison
1992ThetfordC Green
1991HunstantonI Hardy*
1990King's LynnA D Brydon*
1989Great Yarmouth & CaisterM Few
1988Barnham BroomM Few
1987Royal West NorfolkM Elsworthy
1986EatonM Spooner
1985Royal CromerT Hurrell*
1984SheringhamM Elsworthy
1983Royal NorwichR Forster
1982HunstantonR Page
1981ThetfordJ G Parkhill*
1980King's LynnM T Leeder
1979Great Yarmouth & CaisterM T Leeder
1978Royal West NorfolkR E Clarke*
1977EatonM T Leeder
1976Royal CromerD C Hatton*
1975SheringhamN J Catchpole
1974HunstantonM T Leeder
1973Royal NorwichM T Leeder
1972ThetfordM T Leeder
1971King's LynnM T Leeder
1970Great Yarmouth & CaisterJ W Nudds*
1969Royal West NorfolkM T Leeder
1968Royal CromerJ Carter
1967EatonJ Carter
1966SheringhamJ Carter
1965HunstantonJ Carter
1964Royal NorwichA Perowne*
1963ThetfordM T Leeder


2021HunstantonK Heath
2020ThetfordB Willis
2019King's LynnJ Cullington
2018Royal NorwichW Bates
2017Royal West NorfolkJ Yule
2016Great Yarmouth & CaisterT Briggs
2015SheringhamS Clark
2014HunstantonT Clements
2013Royal CromerJ Yule
2012ThetfordK Holmes
2011King's LynnL Johnson
2010Royal NorwichS Ballinghall
2009Great Yarmouth & CaisterS Clark
2008Royal West NorfolkS Clark
2007SheringhamA D Brydon
2006HunstantonD Henderson
2005Royal CromerD Henderson
2004King's LynnC Waugh
2003ThetfordA D Brydon
2002Royal NorwichD Henderson
2001Great Yarmouth & CaisterD Henderson
2000Royal West NorfolkN J Williamson
1999SheringhamC J Lamb
1998HunstantonC J Lamb
1997Royal CromerG Price
1996King's LynnP R Little
1995ThetfordI Ellis
1994Royal NorwichJ B Durrant
1993Great Yarmouth & CaisterD Edwards
1992Royal West NorfolkA Marshall
1991SheringhamC J Lamb
1990HunstantonP R Little
1989Royal NorwichN J Williamson
1988Royal CromerN J Williamson
1987SheringhamN J Williamson
1986Royal West NorfolkI D Sperrin
1985Royal NorwichC J Lamb
1984Great Yarmouth & CaisterT Hurrell
1983HunstantonM N Sperrin
1982ThetfordD W Rains
1981SheringhamM Few
1980Royal West NorfolkJ G Parkhill
1979Royal NorwichJ G Parkhill
1978Great Yarmouth & CaisterD J Hood
1977HunstantonM Bell
1976SheringhamD C Hatton
1975Royal West NorfolkJ D Crawford
1974Great Yarmouth & CaisterB J Ashton
1973HunstantonM M Orr
1972SheringhamS C Cranmer
1971Royal West NorfolkS C Cranmer
1970Great Yarmouth & CaisterP R Johnston
1969HunstantonJ W Nudds
1968ThetfordR J Trower
1967SheringhamG Williams
1966Royal West NorfolkR J Trower
1965Great Yarmouth & CaisterR J Trower
1964HunstantonJ W Nudds
1963SheringhamA Cook
1962Royal West NorfolkD W Rains
1961Great Yarmouth & CaisterA H Perowne
1960HunstantonA H Perowne
1959SheringhamJ P A Clymer
1958Royal West NorfolkA H Perowne
1957Great Yarmouth & CaisterA H Perowne
1956HunstantonA H Perowne
1955SheringhamA H Perowne
1954Royal West NorfolkA H Perowne
1953Great Yarmouth & CaisterA H Perowne
1952HunstantonA H Perowne
1951Royal NorwichA H Perowne
1950SheringhamF A Brett
1949Royal West NorfolkJ A Floyd
1948HunstantonA H Perowne
1947SheringhamJ P A Clymer
1940 - 1946Not Played due to World War 2
1939HunstantonJ H Thompson
1938SheringhamW D Robinson
1937Great Yarmouth & CaisterG P Burroughs
1936Royal West NorfolkW D Robinson
1935Royal CromerW D Robinson
1934HunstantonF A Brett
1933SheringhamA W Tate
1932Great Yarmouth & CaisterJ A Bott
1931Royal West NorfolkJ H Thompson
1930Royal CromerW D Robinson
1929HunstantonJ A Bott
1928Royal NorwichJ A Bott
1927SheringhamH R Craske
1926Great Yarmouth & CaisterW D Robinson
1925Royal CromerJ A Bott
1924Royal West NorfolkO Bunn
1923HunstantonO Bunn
1922Royal NorwichJ A Bott
1921SheringhamD H Fish
1915 - 1920Not Played due to Great War
1914Great Yarmouth & CaisterB K Wilson
1913SheringhamE W Scratton
1912Royal CromerE H Read
1911Royal West NorfolkE W Scratton
1910HunstantonE S Ulyat
1909Royal NorwichA C Watson
1908SheringhamE S Ulyat
1900 - 1907No record
1899HunstantonH T Gillies
1898SheringhamP M Lucas
1897Royal West NorfolkRev J E Pease
1896Royal CromerC H A Lock
1895Great Yarmouth & CaisterRev A E Black
1894Royal NorwichP M Lucas


2021BawburghJ Warr
2020EatonC Green
2019Royal NorwichK Webb
2018Great Yarmouth & CaisterJ Ellis
2017King's LynnA Johnson
2016EatonL Clements
2015Costessey ParkR Gee
2014Weston ParkW Blackwell
2013Richmond ParkJ Robinson
2012SwaffhamT Cave
2011Costessey ParkI Thomson
2010King's LynnJ Robinson
2009Sprowston ManorL Plume
2008Royal NorwichB King
2007ThetfordR McDonald
2006Royal CromerP L Whiley
2005BawburghG Halford
2004The NorfolkS Tough
2003EatonJ Payton
2002Great Yarmouth & CaisterM A Avend
2001Costessey ParkS G Pratt
2000Weston ParkT E Alcock
1999Sprowston ManorW R Colman
1998Richmond ParkA Glen
1997BawburghR Tidy
1996Royal CromerK Taylor
1995EatonP Raynes
1994Great Yarmouth & CaisterR W Howes
1993Barnham BroomK J Walker
1992ThetfordT E Alcock
1991Royal CromerM A G Woods
1990King's LynnL P Cawston
1989EatonJ W Minops
1988Great Yarmouth & CaisterJ B Durrant
1987Royal CromerM A Rimmer
1986ThetfordR K Munday
1985Barnham BroomJ W Minops
1984King's LynnT P Dennis
1983EatonG C Brookman


2021King's Lynn
2020King's Lynn
2019King's Lynn
2018King's Lynn
2017King's Lynn
2016Great Yarmouth & Caister
2015Great Yarmouth & Caister
2014Great Yarmouth & Caister
2013King's Lynn
2012King's Lynn
2011King's Lynn
2010King's Lynn
2009Royal Cromer
2008Royal Norwich
2007Royal Norwich
2006Royal Norwich
2005Royal Norwich
2004Royal Norwich
2003Royal Norwich
2002Royal Norwich
2001Great Yarmouth & Caister
1999Great Yarmouth & Caister
1997Royal Cromer
1996Royal Cromer
1995Royal Cromer
1994Royal Norwich
1993Great Yarmouth & Caister
1992Barnham Broom
1991Royal Cromer
1988Great Yarmouth & Caister
1987Barnham Broom
1986Royal Norwich
1985Royal Norwich
1983Great Yarmouth & Caister
1981Royal Norwich
1980Royal Norwich
1978Royal Norwich
1974Ryston Park
1970Royal Norwich
1969Royal Norwich
1966Royal West Norfolk
1965Royal West Norfolk
1964Great Yarmouth & Caister
1961Royal Norwich
1960Royal Norwich
1958Royal Norwich
1957Royal Norwich
1956Royal Norwich
1954Royal Norwich
1953Royal Norwich
1952Royal Norwich
1951Royal Norwich
1950Royal Norwich
1949Royal Norwich
1948Royal Norwich
1940 - 1946Not Played due to World War 2
1937Great Yarmouth & Caister
1935Great Yarmouth & Caister
1932Great Yarmouth & Caister
1930Great Yarmouth & Caister
1926Great Yarmouth & Caister
1924Royal West Norfolk
1915 - 1920Not Played due to Great War
1914Royal Norwich
1909Royal Norwich


The Council of the City of Norwich presented these two sterling silver Salvers, to be known as the Coronation Salvers, to the County Golf Union as the trophies for a Foursomes competition to commemorate the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll in 1952. The Competition was to be open to pairs made up of any combination of player, male, female or mixed, amateur or professional the only qualification being that they had to be members of or attached to a club affiliated to the Norfolk County Golf Union

2021Middleton HallK Heath & W Bates
2020BawburghM Cornish & J Warr
2019ThetfordJ Yule & G Evans
2018Wensum ValleyJ Ong & Miss N Ong
2017Sprowston ManorJ Ong & Miss N Ong
2016Costessey ParkA Tanner & M Gee
2015ThetfordA Gotts & B Dack
2014Royal CromerR Pateman & S Barnard
2013Weston ParkM Allen & Mrs S Allen
2012Richmond ParkS Brady & P Saunders
2011Royal NorwichS Clarke & M Leeming
2010Great Yarmouth & CaisterP Ogden & D Jary
2009SwaffhamR Meadows & Mrs J Meadows
2008ThetfordN Traube & T Nudd
2007EatonS Youd & Mrs I Smith
2006Costessey ParkG Stangoe & Mrs J Whitbread
2005Sprowston ManorS Clark & Mrs J Chatten
2004Great Yarmouth & CaisterS Clark & Mrs J Chatten
2003BawburghJ Palmer & Mrs J Jellie
2002Royal NorwichH Luff & M Spooner
2001Weston ParkC Martin & Mrs B Martin
2000Barnham BroomI Ellis & Miss R Shubrook
1999King's LynnB Wortley & Mrs M Baker
1998Royal CromerJ Thwaites & Mrs P Harrison
1997EatonR McDonald & Mrs L McDonald
1996ThetfordB Wortley & Mrs M Baker
1995The NorfolkR Rush & D Grady
1994Richmond ParkB Ainslie & C Norman
1993Royal NorwichMr & Mrs J Henson - Andrew
1992Great Yarmouth & CaisterMr & Mrs R H Clarke
1991King's LynnI Ellis & M Saunders
1990EatonMr & Mrs I MacKinnon
1989MundesleyC Martin & Mrs B Daniels
1988Royal CromerMr & Mrs E Mooney
1987Barnham BroomG Vernon & J Asker
1986Royal NorwichG Baker & G Eves
1985Great Yarmouth & CaisterA K Nichols & N Fish
1984EatonI Greenfield & S Abel
1983King's LynnB Wortley & Mrs J Tyler
1982Barnham BroomW Hordley & S McDowell
1981Ryston ParkD Raines & Mrs N Raines
1980Royal NorwichMiss V Cooper & Mrs L Page
1979Royal CromerB Wortley & Mrs J Tyler
1978EatonL Johnson & Miss C Delph
1977ThetfordR Trower & B Ashton
1976DerehamD Rush & Mrs V Rush
1975Royal NorwichJ Wiseman & Mrs J Cooper
1974SwaffhamR Shepherd & R Pointen
1973EatonC Norton & Mrs Gammer
1972Great Yarmouth & CaisterK Sperrin & Mrs M Peake
1971Royal NorwichR Hoff & J Carter
1970Ryston ParkMr & Mrs A Marson
1969EatonB Walker & V B Moore
1968DerehamK Shaw & W Harrold
1967HunstantonJ Carter & Mrs J Walton
1966Great Yarmouth & CaisterA Poulton & T Norman
1965EatonP Walker & P Waters
1964Royal NorwichR Long & Miss J Long
1963EarlhamR Trower & Mrs G Burton
1962EatonA Poulton & Mrs Watson
1961Royal NorwichA Poulton & Mrs Watson
1960EarlhamA Poulton & Mrs Watson
1959EatonA Young & M Leeder
1958Royal NorwichW Steward & C Brett
1957EarlhamJ Dunnell & L Ball
1956Great Yarmouth & CaisterJ Hunt & P Smith
1955EatonMr & Mrs G E Pilch
1954Royal NorwichP Myhill & J Duboch
1953EarlhamA Perowne & J Little


2021B Willis
2020B Willis
2019B Willis
2018B Willis
2017L Cossey
2016T Carding
2015T Lane
2014D Green
2013H Brister
2012T Gomer
2011T Beasley
2010L Johnson
2009J Spinks
2008S Ballinghall
2007S Ballinghall
2006S Ballinghall
2005C Davis
2004C Butler
2003C Waugh
2002J Cundy
2001J Cundy
2000S Locke
1999R Sandford
1998S Locke
1997C Gobby
1996M Barrett
1995R Bundy
1994R Bundy
1993S Miller
1992I J Hardy
1991A C Marshall
1990S R Clarke
1989J G D Lines
1988A H Bott
1987C Green
1986C Green
1985A D Brydon
1984P P Rains
1983R J Garwood
1982D W Rains
1981C Lamb
1980G Bruce
1979R J Perry
1978M R Few
1977I T Oakes
1976I D Sperrin
1975G P Cullum
1974C J Morgans
1973C J Morgans
1972M A Coleridge
1971P G Akister
1970T S Emery
1969D G Lucas
1968A C R Kratt
1967A C Marr
1966R A Lincoln
1965R W Richardson
1964S N Alderdice
1963R J Page
1962M J Rains
1961J F Brett
1960R J Page


2021H Brister & L Daniel
2020I Reid & S Long
2019J Smith & M Bernstein
2018J Flesher & J Rix
2017A Stannard & W Bates
2016I Reid & S Long
2015P Reade & D Nicholls
2014K Webb & I Rafferty
2013B McQuade & J Ong
2012D Henderson & B Belshaw
2011D Henderson & B Belshaw
2010A Brydon & S Nichols
2009K Webb & S Tidy
2008S Larkins & M Alden
2007I Hardy & P Reade
2006I Hardy & P Reade
2005L Maxwell & G Stangoe
2004B McQuade & J Ong
2003J Cracknell & J Swallow
2002C B Taylor & D J Ball
2001J F Conway & P R Burr
2000C J Rivett & G R L Price
1999A D Brydon & C J Lamb
1998B G Wortley & R Garwood
1997R Nicholson & S Juster
1996A D Brydon & C J Lamb
1995I Ladbrooke & K Parfitt
1994R Nicholson & S Juster
1993D Briggs & M Indge
1992I J Hardy & J Hill
1991C Pigott & S Green
1990P E Seago & T Turvey
1989P S Ellis & G Barclay
1988P E Seago & T Turvey
1987M N Sperin & I D Sperrin
1986G McCulloch & T McBride
1985T Hurrell & D Pattrick
1984R J Beeson & T S Emery
1983J R Little & D Skelton
1982P Allott & C Lamb
1981D J Hood & D Brooks
1980R J Beeson & T S Emery
1979D J Hood & D Brooks
1978J G Parkhill & D G Pilch
1977R J Beeson & T S Emery
1976R J Little & D Skelton
1975P R Johnson & J D Crawford
1974R J Beeson & T S Emery
1973R J Beeson & T S Emery
1972W S Thompson & J W Nudds
1971I L Dunnell & D H Johnson
1970D R Shepherd & T S Emery
1969J P Allflat & A Burnett
1968B J Ashton & R J Wilcox
1967A H Perowne & D W Rains
1966G D L Hansom& G I Williams
1965D V Harvey & R W Richardson
1964R J Deterding & G W Deterding
1963S Cranmer & R J Trower
1962R J Deterding & G W Deterding
1961J Plane & T A Watson
1960J C Rains & D W Rains
1959J P A Clymer & K K Smith
1958F A Brett & J A Floyd
1957J P A Clymer & K K Smith
1956W S Thompson & J A Floyd
1955H D Jordan & S C Rolt
1954J P A Clymer & K K Smith


2021Wensum ValleyR Webb
2020SwaffhamJ R Little
2019Great Yarmouth & CaisterM Williamson
2018BawburghG Harvey
2017Royal CromerW Howett
2016EatonM Skipper
2015Sprowston ManorT Richards
2014Richmond ParkD Pattrick
2013SheringhamP Whiting
2012Royal CromerD Pattrick
2011Weston ParkP Gray
2010BawburghT Norman


YearVenueWinnersRunners Up
2021BawburghWensum ValleySprowston Manor
2020Not Played due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019BawburghCostessey ParkSprowston Manor
2018SwaffhamBawburghGreat Yarmouth & Caister
2017Richmond ParkCostessey ParkWensum Valley
2016Costessey ParkBawburghFeltwell
2015BawburghSprowston ManorDunston Hall
2014SwaffhamCostessey ParkThetford
2013Weston ParkGreat Yarmouth & CaisterMiddleton Hall
2012Royal NorwichDunston HallCaldecott Hall
2011Weston ParkThe NorfolkThe Links
2010SwaffhamMiddleton HallBarnham Broom
2009Weston ParkSprowston ManorMiddleton Hall
2008The NorfolkRoyal CromerEaton
2007EatonRoyal NorwichThe Norfolk
2006The NorfolkKing's Lynn
2005King's LynnKing's LynnBarnham Broom
2004Royal CromerRoyal NorwichCostessey Park
2003The NorfolkRoyal CromerBarnham Broom
2002SheringhamRoyal NorwichCaldecott Hall
2001King's LynnRoyal NorwichThetford
2000HunstantonKing's LynnDereham
1999ThetfordGreat Yarmouth & CaisterHunstanton
1998SheringhamGreat Yarmouth & CaisterThetford
1996Royal NorwichGreat Yarmouth & CaisterRichmond Park
1995Royal CromerDerehamKing's Lynn
1994EatonBarnham BroomGreat Yarmouth & Caister
1993HunstantonRoyal NorwichEaton
1992Royal NorwichBarnham BroomRoyal Cromer
1991ThetfordRoyal CromerRoyal Norwich
1990SheringhamRoyal NorwichGreat Yarmouth & Caister
1989Great Yarmouth & CaisterBarnham BroomMundesley
1988King's LynnHunstantonThetford
1987Royal CromerKing's LynnGreat Yarmouth & Caister
1986EatonMundesleyRyston Park
1985SheringhamRoyal NorwichKing's Lynn
1984Royal NorwichMundesleySprowston Manor
1983ThetfordRyston ParkEaton
1982ThetfordKing's LynnHunstanton
1980SheringhamGreat Yarmouth & CaisterEaton
1979Barnham BroomRoyal NorwichMundesley
1978Royal NorwichHunstantonThetford
1977Great Yarmouth & CaisterRoyal NorwichSheringham
1976Royal CromerGreat Yarmouth & CaisterSwaffham
1975Royal NorwichGreat Yarmouth & CaisterRyston Park
1974SheringhamGreat Yarmouth & CaisterRoyal Norwich
1973Royal West NorfolkSheringhamRyston Park
1972Royal NorwichSheringhamRyston Park
1971Great Yarmouth & CaisterRoyal NorwichRoyal Cromer
1970Royal CromerSheringhamRoyal Norwich
1969EatonDerehamGreat Yarmouth & Caister
1968DerehamRoyal NorwichKing's Lynn
1967SheringhamEatonGreat Yarmouth & Caister
1966ThetfordRyston ParkRoyal Norwich
1965Royal NorwichRyston ParkThetford
1964ThetfordKing's LynnRyston Park
1963King's LynnRoyal NorwichSheringham
1962EarlhamMundesleyGreat Yarmouth & Caister
1961ThetfordRoyal NorwichGreat Yarmouth & Caister
1960SheringhamRoyal NorwichGreat Yarmouth & Caister


YearVenueWinnersRunners Up
2021BawburghEatonDunston Hall
2020Not Played due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019BawburghCostessey ParkRoyal Cromer
2018SwaffhamCostessey ParkKing's Lynn
2017Richmond ParkEatonKing's Lynn
2016Costessey ParkDunston HallEaton
2015BawburghDunston HallThetford
2014SwaffhamCostessey ParkRoyal Cromer
2013Weston ParkCostessey ParkKing's Lynn
2012Royal NorwichBarnham BroomCostessey Park
2011Weston ParkCostessey ParkDereham
2010SwaffhamThe NorfolkKing's Lynn
2009Weston ParkRoyal NorwichSprowston Manor
2008The NorfolkDunston HallSwaffham
2007EatonBarnham BroomMundesley
2006Middleton Hall
2005Barnham Broom
2004Royal CromerSwaffhamCostessey Park
2003ThetfordBawburghRichmond Park
2002The NorfolkSwaffhamCostessey Park
2001Royal NorwichWeston ParkThetford
2000Weston ParkKing's LynnEaton
1999Great Yarmouth & CaisterWeston ParkEaton
1998Great Yarmouth & CaisterEatonMundesley
1997Richmond ParkThetfordKing's Lynn
1996ThetfordBarnham BroomMiddleton Hall
1995Royal NorwichEatonBawburgh
1994Richmond ParkThetfordRoyal Norwich


2021Royal Cromer
2020Not Played due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2019Costessey Park
2018Costessey Park
2017King's Lynn
2016King's Lynn
2015King's Lynn
2014Sprowston Manor
2013Wensum Valley
2012The Links
2011Royal Cromer
2010King's Lynn
2009Costessey Park
2007Royal Cromer
2006Royal Norwich
2004King's Lynn
2003Ryston Park
2002The Norfolk
2001Great Yarmouth & Caister
1999Barnham Broom
1998Royal Cromer
1996Royal Cromer
1994Great Yarmouth & Caister


2017A Edgson & C Woodward (Tied)
2016K Heath
2015O Underhill - Smith
2014D Green
2013L Stannard
2012H Cribb
2011H Brister
2010L Johnson
2009M Bacon
2008J Smith
2007K Holmes
2006D Parker
2005C Davis
2004C Waugh
2003C Waugh
2002J Cundy
2001M Eglington
2000B Kasprzak
1999S Locke
1998M Green
1997S Bundy
1996M Barrett
1995G Price
1994R Hammond
1993R Scrafton
1992I Hardy
1991A C Marshall
1990S Green
1989D Young
1988D Young
1987K Golding

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