Barnard Trophy

Match 1st Round 1st May Match 2nd Round 5th June Match 3rd Round 3rd July Match Semi-Finals 31st July Final 21st August
B1 Middleton Hall 11 H Eaton 2up 19 H Bawburgh 10up 23 H Eaton Winner Match 24
B2 Bawburgh A Swaffham
B3 Heacham Manor 12 H The Links 3up A Ryston Park
1 H Great Yarmouth & Caister A Heacham Manor
A Dunston Hall won
2 H Caldecott Hall 13 H Dunston Hall 20 H Eaton 6up A Royal Norwich
A Eaton won 14up
3 H King’s Lynn won 4up A Sheringham 10up
A Mattishall
4 H Barnham Broom won 8up 14 H King’s Lynn A Sheringham
A Mundesley
5 H The Links won 12up A Royal Norwich 3rd extra hole
A Searles
6 H Royal Norwich won 17up 15 H Ryston Park 16up 21 H The Links 13up 24 H Bawburgh Winner Match 23
A Fakenham
7 H Swaffham (Holders) won 8up A Sprowston Manor
A Feltwell
8 H Thetford won 2up 16 H Royal Cromer 11up A Middleton Hall
A Dereham
9 H Ryston Park won 1up A Thetford
A Wensum Valley
10 H Hunstanton w/o 17 H Hunstanton 22 H Royal Norwich 2up A The Links
A Richmond Park
B4 Sprowston Manor A Middleton Hall 3up
B5 Sheringham 18 H Bawburgh 15up A Royal Cromer
B6 Royal Cromer A Barnham Broom